About Us

About Us

Our company, Ajit Industries Private Limited- AIPL, is a significant tape manufacturer in India, specializing in the marketing and production of self-adhesive and pressure-sensitive industrial die-cuts and tapes. We were founded in 1998 to become the industry leader, and now we enjoy a prominent position in the industry. Mr. Ajit Gupta, our Managing Director, is known for being an industry changer.

Under the brand names AIPL SUPER GOLD, AIPL SUNSUI, EZ PACK, and EZ WONDER, we are an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certified firm that produces a comprehensive variety of user-friendly specialty tapes. UL certification is also found on a large percentage of our speciality items. Most of our products, including Sticky Mat, Reflective Tape, Crepe Paper Tape, Brown Kraft Paper Tape, Cross Filament Tape, HDPE Tape, Masking Tape, Various Surface Protection Tape, Floor Marking Tape, etc., have been thoroughly examined and authorized by reputable laboratories such as Shriram Institute, Automobile Research Association of India (ARAI) and SGS.

A Finance Credit Rating company has given us a high rating. The International Organization for Standardization on Quality Management Systems (IATF 16949:2016 Certified) and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001) are certifications for quality management systems that are obtained by our company. We have a manufacturing facility with two factories in the same area alongside other factories in Himachal Pradesh, Baddi, Tamil Nadu, and Chennai.

We boast among the most recent imported multifunctional coating machines, completely automated slitting machines with the ability to cut tight widths alongside manual slitting capabilities, and an R&D lab with a strict quality control department.

Our Vision

To be the unchallenged leader in the lives of our stakeholders, including workers, colleagues, suppliers, and the society at large.

Our Mission

To become the preferred brand of our customers and to generate a group turnover of INR 1000 crore by 2021-2022 via marketing Sticky Mat, Crepe Paper Tape, Cross Filament Tape, Masking Tape, Floor Marking Tape, and more products.

Industries We Serve 

  • Wire Harness
  • White Goods
  • Surface Protection
  • Signage
  • Paper Mills
  • Packaging 
  • Label 
  • Insect Repellent
  • HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Automotive

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • PHENK MAT: We have pledged to prevent vehicle owners from fouling the roads by providing disposable, environmentally friendly bags to be tagged or carried in cars and reused/emptied afterwards.
  • SPREADING LAUGHTER: We have a Laughter Yoga Club, whose mission is to educate workers, customers, friends, family, and the general public about the advantages of laughter.
  • TREE PLANTATION: We are committed to the cause of a SUSTAINABLE and GREEN PLANET. Thus, we make it a point to plant more trees in our immediate environments and worldwide. We are committed to this initiative to its smooth sailing. It assures that we adopt environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
  • AIPL FOUNDATION: It has taken on assisting poor students by awarding scholarships based on their academic success so that money or financial status is no longer a barrier to their advancement.

Our History

  • Ajit Industries Pvt Ltd was founded in 1998.
  • First Manufacturing Unit in Kharkhoda, Sonipat, received ISO 9001-2000 certification in 2000. We also secured our first contract with Hero Honda and Motherson in the automotive industry.
  • We built our coating plant in 2005.
  • AIPL became the first tape producer in India to install an Automatic High-Speed Coating Machine in 2008.
  • NSP, New Delhi, relocated to a larger office in 2010.
  • In Kharkhoda, Sonipat, a second production site, was established in 2015.
  • IATF certification to operate in our enhanced system following Automotive Industry Standards. In addition, two new manufacturing plants were established in Mumbai and Chennai in 2017.
  • Mr. Kapil Dev has been selected as our Brand Ambassador in 2019.

Modern Management 

We employ modern management strategies, for example, Kaizen, to assist our staff in improving their performance in incremental stages. In addition, we have incorporated 5S (Japanese version), which stands for ALL IN PLACE.

We have used modern tactics because it is certain that modest adjustments add up to great outcomes. The only way for our company to thrive is for our employees to flourish. Our Group is led by trained individuals who are supported by a team. All our industrial facilities and branches are connected and digitized to one another. Our employees are encouraged to be participatory, imaginative, and creative when an open door policy exists.

Employee empowerment aids us in fully using individual skills for manufacturing products like Reflective Tape, Brown Kraft Paper Tape, HDPE Tape, Surface Protection Tape, etc. Building team spirit is emphasized, which aids our workers in realizing their collective potential.

Our Production Facilities

  1. Haryana (KKD) Sonipat (Covered Space 200000 Square Feet)
  2. Maharashtra, Bhiwandi (Covered Space 36000 Square Feet)
  3. Tamil Nadu, Chennai (Covered Space 15000 Square Feet)

Why Choose Us?

We, a pioneer in self-adhesive tapes, were founded by a management team with 25+ years of industry experience.

Our Core Values

    • Products like Sticky Mat, Reflective Tape, HDPE Tape, Masking Tape, etc., with a strong binding ability
    • Characteristics such as the strength of will, morals, and intellect
    • Processes that are both strong and adaptable to maximize efficiency
    • Products with a wide range of uses and unique qualities
    • Astute, fast, knowledgeable, and well-prepared individuals
    • Processes that enable and empower individuals.
    • Products have a high level of consistency in terms of performance and quality.
    • People who are concerned about client satisfaction
    • Processes that preserve output equilibrium

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Contact Us

414/415 D Mall, 4th Floor, Netaji Subash Place, Pritampur Opp. DTC Wazirpur,, Delhi, Delhi, 110034, India
Phone :+918037696264